Preparation Measures: Systematic Arrangements For Reopening Of Schools In Kayin State

11 June 2020
2020-06-11 15:50

The Grade-10 and Grade-11 classes will be re-opened across the country starting 21st of July.

The school enrollment week for high school level classes has been set from 13th to 17th of July. 

In Kayin State, the preparation for safety measures and prevention against COVID-19 disease are carrying out at all the schools in accordance with rules and regulations.

Deputy Director (Admin), Kayin State Education office, Ngwe Soe said “We will reopen the classes for the high school level and then arrangements will be made for opening of middle and primary school level step by step. In coming week, we will inspect all the schools across the state. The table arrangement will be made at 30 x 24 feet wide classrooms for 20 students in line with 6 ft social distancing practice. We are preparing for the regular classes and irregular classes depending on the school classrooms and student numbers.”

All the preparation measures for re-opening of the schools have been arranged with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports and Ministry of Education.  

Teacher said “We arrange systematically for having social distancing among the students. We also arranged for hand wash basin and soap and distribution of face masks. And also, we arranged for sanitation at the rest rooms and school environs.”

There are 1832 basic education schools in Kayin State, and among them, 214 high schools will be reopened starting 21st of July.

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