Prevent Deforestation: Prevention Projects Are Being Carried Out In Myanmar

29 September 2022
2022-09-29 13:59

Due to the effects of climate changes, there are occurring the natural disasters such as storms, extreme heat and drought. Natural disasters can affect the main sectors of Myanmar such as Agriculture and Livestock Breeding sectors.

To protect from these natural disasters, people need to prevent from the deforestation. In Myanmar, the government is making efforts for greening all over the country to ease climate change. Moreover, efforts are being made for the growth of saplings to establish forest and prevention of the loss of biodiversity and deforestation.

Myanmar aims to plant 30.57 million trees in this monsoon season and the tree planting ceremonies have been held across the country. Also the projects for re-establishment of forest plantations and combating against climate change are being carried out in the country.

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