Quality Corn Seeds: Plan to provide maize dryer machines for locals

2 December 2022
2022-12-02 14:01

By constructing 10-ton Maize Dryer Machines at YayKyo village in Naung Shwe township of Shan State (North),the three international charity organizations will help the local corn growers by storing corns in the corn season and selling them when the prices are getting high.

This is currently under trail-run and only the maize drying step will be made this year and the process of dried corn seed storage will be made in coming year. 

Dr. Myo Aung Kyaw, Vice Chairman, Myanmar Rice Federation, said " With the cooperation with our federation and the groups based in Japan and Switzerland will help the corn growers to improve their socio-economic lives and to know their equipments in growing corns through survey. There are two maize dryer machines in Yay Kyo village of Naung Shwe township and among them, one was invested by the local growers and also they provide fund for buying essential equipment in storing dried corns." 

As the corns are harvested during rainy season, the corns are needed to be dried with machines to get good price. If the corns are taken to be dried for a long time, it will become moldy and the price will be low.

The Myanmar Rice Federation will help the corn growers to dry the corns through the warehouse received system, in selling the corns with the current market price and penetrating into the international markets.


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