Rail Road Explosion: Myanmar Railway Section reopens after bridge explosion

21 February 2024
2024-02-21 20:20

An explosion on Bridge No. 145 between Kyauktaga and Peinzaloat Railway Stations led to the temporary closure of the rail section, according to Myanmar Railway.

The explosion occurred at around 9:30 pm on February 20th, causing delays for six passenger trains operating along the Yangon-Mandalay Rail Section.Local authorities and security forces rushed to the incident area to carry out clearing tasks.

Due to the explosion, about 70 long areas of two rail tracks were destroyed, along with damage to 36 sleepers and about 5 square feet wide holes in five places of the concrete bridge floor.

Repair works were completed around 3:25 pm on the 21st, with the railroad resuming operations at 3:30 pm.

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