Raising Awareness:Old trees are preserved in Ayeyarwaddy region

6 February 2023
2023-02-06 13:46

In Ayeyarwaddy region, there are 2 Kanyin trees and one each of Thapyay and Latpan trees in Myanaung Township, three Thingan trees in Ingapu Township, one each of KanyinPhyu trees in Myaungmya and Pantanaw Townships, a total of 9 old trees aged over 100 years. These old trees have been preserved systematically by relevant township forest departments in cooperation with the public along with raising awareness on it.

The director of Regional Forest Department reported that the department staff are making records and conducting preservation works for these old trees along with the instructions of regional government. As they are growing both in reserve and protected public forests, they have to put collaborative efforts with relevant village administrators and local residents through spreading knowledge on it. Also, media platform is used for the same purpose when they received the information about the valuable old trees from the public.

He continued that, such old trees can be seen nowadays because of the ancestors had been preserving them carefully. So, it’s aiming at the people to feel pleasure and happy whenever seeing the giant old trees as they provide good shape and impressiveness.

There are five kinds of forests in Ayeyarwaddy region. They are mangrove forest, mixed deciduous, evergreen forest, dry forest and Indaing forest.

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