Rural Road Development: Dy Minister Inspects Construction Of Rural Road In Yangon Region

22 September 2022
2022-09-22 14:03

Deputy Minister for Cooperatives and Rural Development together with officials inspected rural road and production road processes that are being undertaken in Yangon region on Thursday.

The Deputy Minister and party firstly looked into 5,100-ft long concerte road being implemented by the rural rad development department to benefit 609-acre cultivation of 5,519 population of 1,225 households.  During the inspection, the Deputy Minister said that the Ministry is carrying out for rural roads, bridges, rural electrification and water supply tasks for the improvement of socio-economic life of rural people and the departments need to coordinate for achieving the tasks. 

Later, the Deputy Minister and party inspected laying concrete and coordinated the needs. Later, the Deputy Minister and party looked into laying concrete of Wah Yon Sun-Phe Kha Mae-Sae Let  rural to rural road linking to Dar Pein in Bago region and stressed on long-term existence of development tasks.

They also looked into production road of Thanetpin village in Hlegu Township, benefitting to 2,557 population of 571 households and 3000-acres of cultivation and gave instructions on construction of the remaning part.

On arrival at the office of Hlegu Township Rural Development Department, the Union Minister met the staff and called for coordinating among the departments and the staff for achieving the implementation tasks and following COVID-19 rules.

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