Scout Gathering Camp: Empowering youth through exploration

19 May 2024
2024-05-19 16:57

The Magway Region Youth Affairs Committee recently organized a Scout Gathering Camp from May 17th to 19th, bringing together 298 youth scouts from various townships in the region.

The camp featured an excursion tour that provided the scouts with valuable regional knowledge and fostered a spirit of self-reliance and teamwork.

During the camp, the scouts visited several key sites, including the Kanni Solar Power River Pumping Project, Htauk Shar Pin Oil Field, the University of Medicine, and the University of Computer Science. These visits offered the scouts practical insights and enhanced their understanding of important local initiatives.

Shun La Yaung Htet said "We have gained a lot of experience during our excursion. We had the chance to learn things that we didn’t know before, in addition to gaining a lot of knowledge. We also met new friends, and it was very enjoyable."

Kaung Wunna Kyaw said "We have learnt the benefits gained for the public through Kanni River Water Pumping Station. Visiting to the oil field also provide us with the insightful knowledge how these oil field benefits the public. We also observe the teaching process at the Magway University of Medicine. Being a member of Scout provide us with a lot of knowledge."

In addition to the excursions, the three-day camp included various activities such as roundtable discussions, skill performances, and a bonfire festival, all designed to enhance the scouts' skills and camaraderie.

The Magway Region Scout Gathering Camp successfully combined education and adventure, leaving a lasting impact on the young participants and equipping them with knowledge and experiences that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

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