Signing MOA: MRF Of Myanmar And CITIC Group Of China Signed MOA

9 December 2021
2021-12-09 14:45

The Union Minister for Commerce Dr. Pwint Hsan gave a remark at the ceremony of signing Memorandum of Agreement between CITIC Group of the People’s Republic of China and Myanmar Rice Federation held at the meeting room of the ministry via Virtual System at 9 a.m. on December 8.

In his remark, the Union Minister said that the contents in the MoA such as investments in agriculture sector which is needed the long term negotiating and the trade sector which can be implemented right away in a short term are believed to be better and more beneficial.

The ministry supports the trading rice, broken rice, millet and fertilizers with yearly renewal of negotiation by both sides under MOA. As Myanmar is a country primarily based on agriculture, the export of agricultural products meeting the quality and the stable market are very important. It’s believed to uplift the kinship relation between China and Myanmar through the cooperation in the agricultural sector.

The implementation of regional food security, food safety, creating economic opportunities for farmers and rural development with the integration of China’s Belt and Road Initiative is important.

Next, the chairman of Myanmar Rice Federation U Ye Min Aung and chairman of CITIC Group Mr. Chen Xiaojia gave the remarks. Then, the Memorandum of Agreement- MOA upgraded from Memorandum of Understanding-MOU for the extended cooperation in agricultural sector was signed, exchanged the documents, took a group photo and the ceremony was concluded.

-- End --