Singapore raises virus alert to SARS level, sparking panic buying

8 February 2020
2020-02-08 15:33

Singapore on Friday raised its and reported more cases not linked to previous infections or travel to China. As Singapore's infected tally hit 33, the alert level was raised to orange - a level reached during the 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak and the 2009 H1N1 influenza which indicates the virus is severe and passes easily between persons.

With the disease reviving memories of SARS which killed more than 30 people in Singapore and hundreds worldwide, shoppers started clearing shelves of toilet paper, noodles and rice, and formed long queues in supermarkets across the island on Friday evening. Singapore's highest alert level is red, which indicates the virus is spreading widely and can result in major disruption such as closing schools. The health ministry said firms should be prepared for widespread community transmission and advised that non-essential large-scale events should be deferred or canceled.

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