Special Training Course: Agricultural Machinery Maneuvering Training Opened

22 September 2022
2022-09-22 15:23

The Bago Region Chief Minister U Myo Swe Win addressed the opening ceremony of agricultural machinery maneuvering special training course (2/2022) held at the Mechanized Farming Training School in Phayagyi Town, Bago Township in the morning on September 22. 
The chief minister said that Myanmar is an agricultural based country and the transformation from manual to mechanized farming is essential process for the development of agricultural sector.

In the transformation into the mechanized farming, it cannot be carried out with only effort of the departments and it will be achieved with the cooperation of the farmers who are engaging in the agricultural works on ground.

The agricultural machinery maneuvering training course is opened to have skill for maneuvering the agricultural machinery systematically in the agricultural works.

The government arranges for the farmers to buy the agricultural machinery of recommended product and right price in down payment or installment scheme. The trainees need to work hard in learning with the best ability for the development of own village and local and implement with the relevant departments for boosting production of agricultural products.

Next, the principal of Phayagyi Town Mechanized Farming Training School clarified the history of training school, purpose of opening training and status of completing training courses with power point presentation and the chief minister gave necessary instructions, cordially greeted the trainees and instructed the official concerned to operate the training in line with the COVID-19 rules and give COVID-19 booster does to the trainees. 

The agricultural machinery maneuvering special training course (2/2022) will be opened for two weeks and given the training course on the skills of maneuvering various agricultural machinery, maintenance and ploughing methods theoretically and practically. 

Later, the chief minister U Myo Swe Win and party inspected the NayLaWun various galvanized iron sheets manufacturing factory near west by-pass in Kali Village, Bago Township and 100 tons Per Day Rice Mill and instructed responsible officials to carry out for the regular electricity supply to the factories and workshops, it’s reported.

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