Specialty Coffee: Coffee Plantations To Be Expanded Due To High Demand

22 June 2022
2022-06-22 15:33

Along with the growth of global coffee market, many acres of coffee plantations are going to be expanded in Myanmar.

Good quality products are on the focus to make while it is trying to obtain high coffee yields in the current coffee plantations.

Myo Aye, Chairman, Myanmar Coffee Association said “Now, we are trying Myanmar Coffee in order to get good quality with international standard and expand acres of coffee plantation. Highland coffees are mostly grown in Myanmar. Specialty Coffee Species are being exported to America, Europe, Japan and Korea while marketable coffees to neighboring countries like China and Thailand. Ripe coffee beans are valued at high price in last year in Myanmar and it supports increasing income for growers and coffee producers. Due to low production rate in Brazil’s coffee market, coffee prices are getting high along with the increase of coffee demand. Keeping the qualities and brands, we are going to expand coffee plantations.”

Most of the coffee plantations in Myanmar are grown by growers with one acre farming. Likewise, there are also many coffee growers in PyinOoLwin. Myanmar has around 40,000 acres of coffee plantations, they are grown in Shan, Kayin and Chin States as well as Mandalay, Thaninthayi, Magway and Ayeyawaddy Regions. Among them, Shan State is the most growing area of coffee plantations, according to Myanmar Coffee Association.

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