Spreading Fake News: Clarification on security operations in Gantgaw Township

18 May 2024
2024-05-18 11:21

The illegal subversive media outlets have been disseminating fake news, alleging that security forces raided Shwebo and Yay Tha Villages in Gantgaw Township of the Magwe Region on May 16th, resulting in the burning of a monastery and houses and the deaths of two locals.

The security official refuted these allegations, stating that the events described were misrepresented, saying that an armed exchange occurred between security forces and terrorists in the mentioned villages.

As the terrorists retreated with numerous casualties, the security forces took necessary measures to ensure regional security. The subversive media sources disseminate false news with the intention of causing panic and creating misunderstanding among the public, resulting in regional instability.

-- End --