Thai Earth observation satellite launched

10 October 2023
2023-10-10 10:28

Thailand’s second Earth observation satellite, THEOS-2, was successfully launched on Monday from the Guiana space Centre in French Guiana, after a launch postponement on Saturday due to technical problem.

The ground station in Thailand will test the satellite systems for about three months, before it will start performing its Earth observation activities, Thai Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovations said.In case of an emergency, such as a devasting natural disaster, during the test period Thai Minister said that the ground station can instruct the satellite to take and relay images of the disaster.

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency director said that, after entering orbit, it will take about six months to adjust THEOS-2 and for the testing of control system, as well as communication with the ground station, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the information.

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