Training For Competition: Training Underway For Int’l Youth Robot Competition 2020

21 August 2020
2020-08-21 12:07

‘My Robot Time Myanmar’ is giving training to those who will compete in the International Youth Robot Competition 2020.

The International Youth Robot Competition 2020 will be held on 5th and 6th September through online. The competition has two categories; junior and senior. The junior level is 8-12 years of age and the senior level is 12-18 years of age. In the upcoming online competition, competitors are to show the videos with a maximum duration of 5 minutes in which they are making creation by using MRT products under the theme ‘Robot, Help Us!”

Mentor, My Robot Time Myanmar, Myat Min Paing said “The previous competitions were held in Thailand in 2018 and Korea in 2019. The theme of the upcoming competition is “Robot, Help us!” meaning how the robot provides aid for the people during Covid-19 period. This is a 5-day camp training. I want them to get experiences, improve teamwork skills and to take part in the global competition.”

Mentor, My Robot Time Myanmar, Thet Aung San said “This training includes explanation with the use of robot, modification and program exporting for the competition. The trainees should need to know the structure for building a robot. We do training very well and there is a lot of support. Taking part in such a competition is good – it will bring international experiences – competitors will get knowledge of Covid-19 and how the robot can help the people.”

Two of the trainees at ‘My Robot Time Myanmar’ stressed their interest in the robot.

Trainee, Junior Level, Khant Min Shane said “I am a Grade-6 student from  T.T.C (Kamaryut). Through my father, I started to be interested in the robot and joined this training. According to the theme, the robot helps people. So, I want to build the doctor structure because they help the people. I am very excited for my first competition.”

Trainee, Junior Level, Lin Yan Aung said “I am studying in P-5 in Brain Works School. In YouTube, I watch World Robot and I became interested in STEAM and I really like STEAM. So, I started to learn about robotic. I am interested in robotic and that all I competitor in this competition. Since 2018 I have been doing robotic nearly every day and studying and making robot about it.”

Prizes are Grand, Gold, Silver and more and will be shipped right after the competition. Judges will be 5-9 experts from various nations recommended by National Partners of IYRA. The registration deadline is on the 31st of August. The size and weight of the robot are not limited.

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