UNHCR is a possible contender for the 2019 peace prize

10 October 2019
2019-10-10 12:12

The U.N. refugee agency is among the possible contenders for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was set up in 1950 and has already won the Noble Peace Prize twice - in 1954 and in 1981. the UNHCR has played a major role in aiding and protecting the rights of migrants and refugees around the globe.

The UNHCR has also responded to multiple refugee crises around the world in recent years, including the movement of people from the Democratic Republic of Congo into Uganda and people fleeing political and economic turmoil in Venezuela into Colombia and northeast Brazil.

The Nobel Peace Prize, worth 10 million Swedish crowns, will be announced in Oslo on Friday, October 11 at 11am.

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