Upgrading and Maintaining: MoEP UM inspects gas power plants in Yangon

20 November 2023
2023-11-20 20:13

The Union Minister for Electricity U Nyan Tun accompanied by the departmental officials inspected the gas power plants in Yangon region to be able to conduct maintaining and upgrading works on 19th and 20th of November.

Firstly on 19th of November, the Union Minister and party arrived at Electricity Power plants, Alone gas power plant where the officials explained about the detail facts for work implementations and on which, the Union minister instructed the needs and observed the situations for maintaining and upgrading works to be made.

On 20th of November, the Union Minister observed Thilawa gas power plant and instructed the matters on planning to be Combine Cycle Power Plant and collecting backup fuel to generate the power plant.

Afterwards, the union minster inspected the designated land area where the new 230 KV main power station is going to be built within Thilawa SEZ for more distribution of electricity in Yangon region and urged the officials to make speedy completion of processes.

Next, the Union Minister arrived at Thaketa and Ywama Natural Gas Power Plants where the relevant officials explained the facts that are needed for maintaining and upgrading works in details.

Upon the clarifications, the Union Minister urged the officials to make systematic preparations expecting the potential risks and pre-arrangements after the works to be done as well as security priority.

While in Ywama gas power plant, the Union Minister inspected building the river bank retaining wall within the power plant area and instructed the necessary matters in order to make within set financial year.  

-- End --