Vocational Education: Opening of Government Technical Institute (Yamethin)

1 December 2023
2023-12-01 10:10

Union Minister for Science and Technology Dr. Myo Thein Kyaw and many other officials ceremonially opened the Government Technical Institute (Yamethin) at the Department of Technical, Vocational Education and Training under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

After the opening ceremony, the Union Minister and party viewed around the classrooms, practical rooms, computer rooms and workshops. In his opening remarks, the Union Minister said that vocational education plays a pivotal role to develop socio economic life of the people.

The government is prioritizing development of vocational education sector of the country. He also added that it is needed to turn out skillful human resources by opening more Industrial, Agriculture and Livestock high schools and Government Technical institutes across the country. At the Technological University (Yamethin), the Union Minister and party inspected practical rooms, computer rooms, library and workshops.

There, the Union Minister also held a meeting with students. It’s reported that Government Technical Institute (Bago) was also opened on November 30.

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