'We're planning on staying': Lebanon's protesters remain on streets

29 October 2019
2019-10-29 12:59

People in Beirut took to the streets on Monday night, as protests continued across the country against politicians blamed for corruption and steering Lebanon towards economic collapse. Roads remained impassable in the capital after protesters set up new roadblocks using tents and makeshift barricades, defying security forces who tried to reopen the streets to traffic.

Lebanon has been swept by 12 days of protests since October 17 against a political class accused of corruption, mismanagement of state finances and pushing the country towards an economic collapse. Lebanon's central bank governor said on Monday that a solution must be found in days to a crisis unleashed by huge protests against the ruling elite, saying this would restore confidence and avoid any future economic collapse. There is no sign of the government giving ground to protesters, whose demands include its resignation.

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