Work coordination meeting: Rakhine State CM gave necessary instructions

20 November 2023
2023-11-20 16:59

The work coordination meeting regarding with the 2023 monsoon paddy to be harvested, threshed and stored under cover in time was held at the Rakhine State government Office meeting room in the morning on 20th November and attended the State Chief Minister U Htein Lin, State Ministers, departmental officials, rice mill entrepreneurs, rice dealers and the entrepreneurs of agricultural machinery shopping centers and the district and Township agricultural supervisory committee members attended the meeting through the video Conferencing.

At the meeting, Rakhine State Chief Minister U Htein Lin made a speech and gave necessary instructions to the responsible officials.

The state minister for security and border affairs Col. Kyawthura clarified the ongoing process for the monsoon paddy to be harvested, threshed and stored under cover in time and the State officers of the Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization Department explained the status of growing monsoon paddy, distribution of Power tillers, conditions of completing harvesting and threshing the monsoon and the works to be done.

The members of districts and townships agricultural supervisory committee clarified the relevant district and Township through the video conferencing system.

Afterward, the rice mill entrepreneurs, rice traders and the responsible persons from the agricultural machinery shopping centers gave necessary suggestions and the State government members supplemented necessary matters.

Upon the discussions, the Chief Minister gave necessary instructions and made a speech of conclusion.

-- End --