World-famed Carnival of Venice opens

6 February 2023
2023-02-06 11:04

The world famous Venice Carnival celebrations kicked off on Sunday afternoon with a traditional parade along the Canal Grande led by the “pantegana", a boat depicting a giant water rat. Giovanni Giusto, Venice municipality traditions councillor said that sailing through the most beautiful road in the world, he meant the Canal Grande, they docked here in Rialto where everything started more than 1600 years ago and they officially declared the opening of the 2023 Carnival.

Carnival tradition began in Venice during the 11th century and has attracted large numbers of visitors ever since. The festive procession sailed across the City of Water with performers wearing colorful, traditional costumes and masks. This year, the Venice carnival runs from February 4 to 21, leading into the Roman Catholic period of Lent.

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