5-day training course:Biometric Enrollment & UID Management System

21 June 2023
2023-06-21 13:26

The Department of Electronic Identification (EID) of the Ministry of Immigration and Population opened training by applying Biometric Enrollment and UID Management System in Mandalay on 19th June.

The training course will last 5 days and will conduct practically and theoretically. About 100 trainees are attending the course that will last 5-day from 19th to 23rd June.

Aung Min, Regional Head, MoIP (Mandalay Region) said "After the training, the trainees will perform as the temporary enumerator and collect fingerprints, iris scan, face scan and recognition of all people as the biometric data in Mandalay region. The name, father name, birth date, blood type, phone number and e-mail addresses will be collected as the biographic data. After that, we will give Unit ID or UID card."

In collecting biometric data, the data will be collected from the civil service personnel, their families, students aged 10 years and above from universities and colleges, inmates, those who conduct businesses in private banks and financial services, monks and nuns, workers from factories and workshops as the first priority group.

The public services such as passport, taxation, company registration and other related businesses, vehicle and driving licenses and those who perform financial services in the banks will be conducted as the 2nd priority group and measures will be undertaken to issue UID cards in cooperation with relevant ministries.

Wai Yan Naing ,Trainer, Department of Electronic Identification (EID) said "We will teach EID system and also do’s and don’ts on collecting biometric processes. We will also clarify about UID numbers. After the training, the trainees will collect the biometric data from respective townships."

The Biometric Enrollment and UID Management System is being implemented by the Ministry of Immigration and Population as the focal ministry according to the policy of the government and instruction of e-Government Steering Committee and it is a process of population census registration with electronic system by collecting biographic and biometric data of an individual living in the nation and then set each unique ID number including 10 digits and put the data in the database with digital system.

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