Kristen Stewart: 'no faking' claustrophobia shooting 'Underwater'

9 January 2020
2020-01-09 12:20

Kristen Stewart turned out in Los Angeles on Tuesday for a special screening of her new movie 'Underwater,' a monster-horror movie set seven miles below the ocean's surface. Stewart, who plays the character of Norah Price aboard a deep-sea drilling complex attacked by underwater creatures, said shooting the film was challenging.

Actress, KRISTEN STEWART said "We shot like dry for wet which meant that we needed to wear these suits that were not submerged, they were really heavy. They were like... Depending on how much you weigh and your size, it weighed basically as much as you did. So, I feel like we kind of made a movie about like surviving the experience itself so there was really no faking the discomfort or the claustrophobia. We couldn't move, like we were very much under a heavy, heavy rock.""I think what you take from it is like what does it feel like to stare into utter darkness and wonder what is behind it in every way. It is scary and it is not like the most fun thing but it is something that you can't stop staring at."

'Underwater' movie opens across the United States on Jan.10.

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