Remembrance Ceremony: 31st Anniversary Of 8888 Uprising

8 August 2019
2019-08-08 13:42

Tribute-paying ceremony for those who lost their lives during 8888 uprising took place in Yangon on Thursday.

August 8 of this year marks the 31st anniversary of launching nationwide protest for democracy which is known as 8888 uprising.

The ceremony is held annually since 2013 to remember and honour students, monks and people who lost their lives at the people's democracy movement.

The tribute-paying ceremony included interfaith praying and laying wreaths for those who lost their lives at the 8888 uprising.

Representative, Social and Political Force to Support Government, Zaw Linn said “We’ll always remember them. We plan to hold ceremony like this one every year to spread awareness about 8888 uprising to the younger generation. This day is an important day which assists the establishment of democratic federal union.”

At the ceremony, letters of honor and poems sent from various organizations were read out loud.

Cartoons published in 1988 were also exhibited to the public as well.

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