Sport Sector: Sagaing Region Honours Winning Sepak Takraw Team

20 July 2022
2022-07-20 13:43

An award ceremony was held on Wednesday at the Sagaing Region Government Office to honor the winning Sagaing Region Sepak Takraw team in the state and regional competition.

Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw and many other officials attended the ceremony. In his address, the Chief Minister said that promoting sports and success is building the country's prestige.

He also expressed words of honour to the team for its win in the men’s double and triple finals of the 2022 competition and called on it to maintain the success in the next years’ competitions. The team manager and players handed over the trophy to the Chief Minister and he presented 3 million Kyats cash prize to the team. Also, another 7 million Kyats of cash prize was awarded. This ceremony ended with screening the video of the finals in which the team brought success to Sagaing Region.

-- End --