University Entrance Application: Forms Will Be Accepted Till 2nd September

18 August 2022
2022-08-18 14:05

As of 18th August, the universities under the Department of Higher Education are accepting the application forms of the students who passed the matriculation exam in 2021-2022 academic year.
There are 26 universities across the country and the students need to apply where they are interested in.
The students can get the university guide book at the respective basic education high schools in the regions and states and the Department of Myanmar Examinations, and make application for their interested universities.
All application forms that have been applied at the basic education schools will be delivered to the Department of Higher Education (Yangon).
Official, Department of Higher Education (Yangon) said “Besides university guide books and entrance forms, the students can take out list of marks with the signature of the school principal. The university guide books are also provided along with the envelope which includesa white card,needed to complete the information and two student identity card forms. Once they complete the process, the forms will be delivered to the related universities through the schools and the Higher Education Department.”
The university entrance application forms of the students will be accepted till the 2nd September.

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