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The 20th annual chocolate fashion show in Paris is attracting visitors, with dazzling designs of chocolate sculptures dominating the show. A four-meter-high chocolate "King Kong" made by French chocolate company JeanPaul Hevin stole the show, thanks to its true-to-life appearance. At the other side of the exhibition hall, a design, named "chocolate waltz" with melted chocolate dropping highlighted the show. Not only chocolate, pastry, sweets and other confectionery food are being showcased at the salon.

Australia passed laws on Thursday aimed at preventing young people from becoming radicalised and going to fight in overseas conflicts such as those in Iraq and Syria. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament at least 70 Australians were fighting in Iraq and Syria and the government had cancelled the passports of about 70 people. Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbot: "The best way to deal with returning foreign fighters is to stop them leaving in the first place. That's the best way to deal with them.

An EU-led training for formation of a media unit under Myanmar police force completed on Thursday. Within those three days, EU trained police officials  how to work together with media persons in giving prompt and authentic information.  
Representatives and official concerns from local media and Myanmar Police Force are gathering in Yangon for the workshop on setting up a media unit.
The workshop encourages openness and information accessibility  on cases handled by the police, and included contents on ethical questions.

Parliament houses continued their regular sessions on Thursday.At the Pyithu Hluttaw people's parliament session, the areas of discussion covered whether to take into account matriculation result as admission qualification or not, special jobs for young people with poor educational qualification and solutions to the problems that may face in future development projects.The parliament put forward the amendments of the Bill on timely medication to fatally injured patients 2013, to the union parliament.The role of legislative pillar for the country's development and electoral system were...

Myanmar Football Federation is planning to celebrate the victory of U-19 Football Team by processing around Yangon City on November 1st.

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