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The developer of a Taiwan apartment complex that collapsed during a strong earthquake was arrested Tuesday, as rescuers reported hearing signs of life in the rubble where some 100 people are still trapped. Prosecutors in the southern city of Tainan launched an investigation into Saturday's disaster after photos showed cans and foam had been used to fill parts of the complex's concrete framework.

A military training aircraft No 4601 from the defence services (air) crashed this morning while test flying near The' Kaw village, in Nay Pyi Taw. 4 of the 5 crew on board were reportedly dead and one is seriously injured in the incident. The plane crashed at 9 am while flying from NPT International Airport to Mandalay, due to mechanical failure. 

Chairman and members of the Public Bill Joint Committee were nominated and their responsibilities were explained at today's Pyidaungsu HLuttaw Union Parliament session.   The formation of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Bill Joint committee with a Chair, 2 vice-chairs, one secretary, one assistance secretary and 10 members was approved. Meanwhile, Pyidaungsu Hltttaw Representative Scrutinizing Committee is proposed to be formed with 15 members. The tenure is the same as the pyidaungsu Hluttaw but the members can be changed if necessary.

Bender is on her way to surgery. She's getting a tumor removed at the Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys. In 30 years of work, the team here has become expert in rescuing and rehabilitating sea turtles. Of 173 sea turtles treated last year, the vast majority of them were for tumors. Because many are already too sick, only one in five green sea turtles with these tumors are making it back out to the wild.

Crab export to Thailand and China has been affected due to the ravage of crab wholesale shops burnt in Labutta Township fire earlier this month, leader of Crab Entrepreneurs Association said. 

Fire broke out in Labutta township on 4th of this month and devastated over 300 crab wholesale shops in the township. Each crab wholesale shop lost about 5 million to 10 million kyat, according to the association.

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On 6th February, schools and churches In Chacao, Venezuela were fumigated against the mosquito...

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