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Results from exams from the previous school year are now available. 

Myanmar Traffic Police have released information on traffic accidents, injuries and deaths during Thingyan period in Yangon.

A U.S. Navy plane took off from Perth International Airport in Western Australia to resume the search for debris from a missing Malaysian airliner. The search for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 is set to be the most expensive in aviation history. The cost of the search is significant. The exact figure has not yet been calculated. The cost is being shared by our international partners who have contributed their people and military and civilian assets to help with the search. An underwater robot completed its fourth mission in the search area and is currently in the water again.

US President Barack Obama has cautiously welcomed a deal to calm tensions in Ukraine reached at multi-party talks in Geneva. He said the US and its allies were ready to impose new sanctions on Russia if the situation failed to improve. Russia denies fomenting separatism in eastern and southern Ukraine. Government buildings in several towns and cities have been seized by pro-Russian separatists opposed to new Western-leaning interim authorities in the capital Kiev. The foreign ministers also agreed that there would be an amnesty for all anti-government protesters.

A qualifying competition in Volleyball will take place in Iran from April 19th with a team from Myanmar taking part. Theint Theint Aye caught up with the team.

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