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Emergency workers battle cholera and blocked roads as they struggle to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Diane Hodges from Reuters reports. Reporter, Reuters, Diane Hodges … Two weeks after Hurricane Matthew struck, crews are still struggling to clear roads blocked by fallen trees and debris. Some isolated villages can only be reached on foot, with volunteers carrying what supplies they can. So far, the official death toll has topped 540 people with dozens more missing. Those who did survive are now battling an outbreak of cholera.

Region/ State Tennis competition kicked off at Thein Phyu tennis court in Yangon, Monday, aiming to emerge new talented players for the national team. 

The competition is aimed to encourage the mass sports, to discover new talented players and to have more friendliness among players from the Regions and States. 

State Counsellor and Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Daw Aung San Suu Kyi received a delegation led by CEO of International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Executive Vice President of the World Bank Group Philippe H. Le Houerou at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nay Pyi Taw, today. At the meeting, the two representatives discussed development of private sector of Myanmar and assistance for economic sector progress. They also exchanged views on further cooperation among Myanmar and IFC in investment and financial affairs. 

Affordable Housing in Yangon will be on sale starting November this year, by the Department of Urban and Housing Development. The department now has completed over 2000 apartments in Yangon Sub-urban areas. 

The project was undertaken according to the 100-day plan of the Ministry of Construction, and at present, a total of 2208 apartments were ready to sell, with a cost of approximately 12 million kyat.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners continued to flock to the Grand Palace in Bangkok on Monday to pay their respects to Thailand's late king. The government has declared a year of mourning for the 88-year old king, who was seen as a father figure for generations of people, and, though a constitutional monarch, a calming influence over the country's often turbulent politics. Since the king died, people from across Thailand have flocked to the gilded Grand Palace to pay homage to the only king most of them have ever known, who is lying in state there.

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  • 1 USD
    1,275.0 Kyats
  • 1 EUR
    1,387.4 Kyats
  • 1 SGD
    915.49 Kyats
Updated on: 10:55AM, October 24 2016
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  • Visibility: 6 km
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