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Relatives, government officials and volunteers mourned 93 victims killed in Tainan earthquake in memorial service on Friday (February 12), with 29 people still missing according to Tainan City government. Both outgoing President Ma Ying-jeou and President-Elect Tsai Ing-wen attended the ceremony. The victims were mostly residents of the Wei-guan Golden Dragon apartment building in Tainan City which collapsed in the early hours of Saturday (February 6), after a massive earthquake hit southern Taiwan.

Media, NGOs, INGOs and businessmen took part in the first ever workshop to launch a Public Service Announcement campaign among public concerning safe use of agricultural inputs.

PSA aims to promote safe, responsible use of agro-inputs to better protect  human health, the food chain and the environment. 

The artists from all art fields will organize a fund raising event for Anyu Pyin Nyar See Sar Yeik Nursing Home, next month. 

The nursing home was built in 2015, aiming to take care of the old people from arts field, who are lonely, poor and have no family nor relatives. 

The fund raised at the event will be used furnishing the nursing home. 

South Korea said that North Korea would be held responsible for any consequences after the North kicked out South Korean workers and froze the assets of companies at the jointly run Kaesong Industrial Complex. Seoul suspended operations at the complex this week, after Pyongyang's rocket launch last weekend. South Korean Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo told a news conference that North Korea's action to freeze the assets was illegal.

President U Thein Sein sent a message on the 69th Anniversary Union Day to all national brethren and the entire people across the nation, Friday. In his message, the President highlighted the importance of Union Spirit and national solidarity is for keeping the country in perpetual and its full sovereignty. He also said that cementing national unity is of utmost importance and emphasis has been placed on gradual relaxations of restrictions to push for transition processes and to create a society where democracy can thrive through political changes.

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