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The Consultation on Myanmar National Strategy for Development of Persons with Disabilities Workshop on Monday aimed to discuss ways to implement each program of the strategy. Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities and Department of Social Welfare, which acted as focal department, organized the workshop.

The strategy was drawn and approved as part of the 100 days plan of the Department of Social Welfare. The action plan to realize the strategy for next 5 years from 2017 will be discussed in this workshop. 

The Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process (AGIPP) urges stakeholders to increase the participation of women in building peace, as well as women involvement in peace conferences, as it launched a paper on the subject Monday.

This paper advocates allowing 30% of women participate in coming political meetings, and in the legislation sector.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Bangladesh on Monday to discuss security cooperation after a series of killings by Islamist militants, as well as economic development and human rights. Kerry will meet Bangladesh's Prime Minister, opposition and civic leaders during the one-day visit, his first to Bangladesh as secretary of state.

Singapore environmental officers were inspecting residential blocks on Monday as the country confirms 41 locally transmitted cases of the Zika virus on Sunday and also said more infections are likely. The virus can cause deformities in unborn babies, and mild symptoms for most people such as fever and rash. According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Health and the National Environment Agency, 36 of the 41 cases involve foreign labourers.

Pyithu Hluttaw People’s Parliament convened its 22nd day session in Nay Pyi Taw, Monday.

At the session, MPs raised questions on farmlands, irrigation, bridge construction among others. 

Concerning the farmland issues in Waw Township, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation said the Central Committee for Farmland Management will address the issues concerning the cases of 42 farmlands there. 

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