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On the first day of New Year, thousands of people have come to Kabar Aye Pagoda, one of the famous pagodas in Yangon, to make good deeds based on Buddhist belief to welcome the new year.
One of the practices that represent good deeds is reading Buddhist scriptures. Buddhists believe that reading scriptures makes all people safe and prevent bad things from happening. Religious groups have come to this pagoda to do this.

The rural development department from Nay Pyi Taw Council Area has provided accessibility of solar power to 15 villages for this fiscal year. Khine Mar Nay Lin reports from the capital.
Over 800 villages from 8 townships belong to the Nay Pyi Taw Council area. For the accessibility of electricity, the department provided solar power for those rural areas which are situated on plain regions and were considered difficult to access electricity.

Majority of Grade 9 students in Yangon have failed the matriculation exams, an official told MITV via phone interview Saturday. Results of the final exams to end the previous academic year, including matriculation exams for Grades 5 and 9 students, were out Saturday although most data aren’t available yet as the holiday is still ongoing.
According to the Assistant Director of No. 3 Department of Basic Education in Yangon Region, Daw Le Le Swe, only over 41% of Grade 9 students in Yangon have passed the matriculation exams.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday warned that the country's patience with Marxist FARC rebels is wearing thin, calling for a deadline for peace talks with the rebels during a state visit by South Korean leader Park Geun-hye. Park's visit comes just two days after the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) broke a unilateral ceasefire, ambushing and killing 11 soldiers.

The film "Alex of Venice" tells the story of a workaholic mom whose life becomes suddenly tougher after her stay-at-home husband leaves. The film is released in US theaters Friday. "The characters might do something that you might perceive as wrong, but they're all loving people, no one's bad in this movie. That's life. The people I know, they make mistakes and they try to grow and get better. I wanted to make a movie about human beings, people that I know," Chris Messina, actor and director said. "Definitely we wanted Venice to be the fifth character.

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